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What to Drink Now: Grenache Blanc from Sonoma

For me, summertime wine should be refreshing, easy to drink, and just a little funky – meaning something that stands out beyond the standard sauvignon blanc or rosé all day. Lately, my go-to wines have been fresh, acid-centric vinos that taste great on their own or make for a perfect pairing with snackable cheese and summer salads. So what am I drinking these days? My current obsession is grenache blanc, the white light-skinned sister of grenache. And trust me, it will be yours, too. Grena
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5 Local Canned & Boxed Wines to Drink this Summer

Canned and boxed wines are all the rage this summer. They’re portable – you can pop them in your backpack for a post hike, mountaintop toast or enjoy them at the park or poolside, where glass cups and bottles are not permitted. Even better? Most canned and boxed wines are under 14%, making them great session sippers for a long day in the sun. However, all these perks don’t mean a thing unless what’s inside tastes good. I tasted 15 boxed and canned wines produced in Sonoma, Napa & Mendocino coun
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Pair Wine Tasting with Yoga at These Sonoma Wineries

While you might not drink wine to balance your chakras or gain spiritual attainment (although some wines can make for a religious experience), you don’t have to miss out on your yoga session while visiting Wine Country. Tuning in to the latest trend, several Sonoma County wineries are now inviting guests into their vineyards to become one with themselves – and a good glass of wine. Click through the gallery above to discover 5 wineries offering yoga in Sonoma County.
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