Visiting Edinburgh Castle: 8 Highlights, Tips & Tours | PlanetWare

Scotland's most famous fortress has towered above Edinburgh since the 13th century and is the country's most popular tourist attraction. Perched high atop a dramatic black basalt outcrop, Edinburgh's spectacular castle affords magnificent views of many of the city's landmarks, including the Royal Mile, Princes Street, and the long green swath of Princes Street Gardens. The history of Edinburgh Castle is long and often both poignant and violent.

Awe-Inspiring Japanese Castles, Temples, and Shrines

Also known as White Heron Castle, this is widely believed to be the single most beautiful fortification of its type in Japan. One of the most advanced castles of the feudal period, it features defensive “loopholes” shaped to allow archers and riflemen to fire without exposing themselves. We’re also fans of the drop chutes, used to give invaders a warm welcome with boiling oil. If you see any one castle in Japan, make this it.

Alexandra Bookcafé (Budapest) from 10 Amazing Bookstore Cafés From Around the World

Alexandra Bookcafé, or just Bookcafé, seems like your standard bookstore, except that when you climb up the stairs you’ll find what looks like the ballroom of a royal palace. Actually, it is the bookstore’s café. The neo-Renaissance decor, live music, delicious pastries, and bookish vibes combine to create a reading environment that is just as perfect today as it was when the space opened (as part of the Párizsi Nagy Áruház, or Paris Department Store) in 1911.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage: A Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary

The Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts are located in Isleton, California in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a large agricultural area in Sacramento County. Also known as the Asian American District, this area was the commercial and social center for both the town's Chinese and Japanese residents. Isleton's Asian American District is the only Asian community that was constructed in the Delta during the 1920s, and the architectural style of the buildings, particularly the use of

Places to go and things to do in Edinburgh

With a rich history, proud culture and cosmopolitan vibe, Edinburgh is a captivating city where old meets new. It’s one of the UK’s finest destinations and there are plenty of excellent places to go and things to do in Edinburgh. From luxury travellers to food lovers – Scotland’s capital has something for every visitor. A compact and bustling city, it is also home to the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, plus one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations. Yes,

The 12 Best Cities In The United States Of America To See Art

The United States of America has a dazzling array of art destinations, whether you have a passion for antiquities, Native American art, or puzzling modern installations, your ideal city is waiting. Many are housed in architecturally inspirational buildings, frequently worthwhile destinations in themselves. To plan ahead for your next dose of culture, check out our guide to the best art destinations in the US.

Sam Schmidt: Querschnittsgelähmter Ex-Rennfahrer erhält Führerschein

Diese Geschichte ist ein tolles Beispiel dafür, was moderne Technik zu leisten vermag: Sam Schmidt, seines Zeichens ehemaliger Rennfahrer der amerikanischen Indy Racing League, ist seit einem Unfall bei Testfahrten hoch querschnittsgelähmt. Er war seitdem nicht untätig und besitzt einen eigenen Rennstall, durfte aber Autos nicht mehr selbst fahren. Letzte Woche bekam er aber einen Führerschein für seine teilautonome Corvette.

‘American Horror Story’ Uses New Narrative in Season 6: ‘Roanoke’ – The Stroud Courier

The sixth season of the hit FX original series, “American Horror Story,” aired Sept 14 at 10 p.m. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the theme for the newest season of this addicting horror series. Previous seasons included “Murder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Circus” and “Hotel.” The promos for the newest season had fans wanting more, using images of everything from creepy dolls to spine-chilling spiders.
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